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The Registration "Pre-K T-Ball" is not currently available.

Updated 90 minutes prior to first scheduled activity when necessary.

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The Registration "Pre-K T-Ball" is not currently available.

About Pre-K T-Ball

Pre-K T-Ball at WYCO is a player/ parent league designed to introduce players to game and team sports in general.

Parents will accompany their player onto the field and be an active part of the skill and knowledge development process.

Team roster sizes will be kept small in order to minimize distractions and maximize the amount of individual instruction each player recieves.

2022 Pre-K T-Ball Age Range

May 2017


April 2019

(based on players month/ year of birth)

2022 League Fees

$70/ player

What's Included with your fee?

  • 6 games
  • WYCO T-Ball League T-Shirt
    • Numbered and in team choice of color

Game Information

League Games Begin: Saturday, June 4th

League Game Days: Saturday/ Sunday

League Game Times:

  • Saturdays: Beginning at 9:00am
  • Sundays: Beginning at 2:00pm

Game Scores/ League Records

  • NO game scores or league records will be kept in the t-ball division

Special Game Rules

  • 45 minute game time limit
  • NO lead-offs
  • NO stealing
  • The ball is dead and play will stop when, the player pitcher has the ball in their possession and raises both hands in the air.
  • Overthrow rule 
    • An overthrow is a throw made on the infield that passes its intended target
    • There will be only 1 overthrow per play
    • In the event of an overthrow, runners may advance 1 base
      • The ball should be promptly returned to the player pitcher or batting coach and regular pay will resume.

T-Ball Rules

  • Each player (up to 9 per inning) present will bat in their teams half-inning
  • The offensive coach will inform the defensive team when the last batter of the half-inning is at the plate
    • Last Batter Only: play will conclude and teams will switch sides when a defensive player touches home plate with possession of the t-ball

Recent Pre-K T-Ball News

No news currently found.

The Seven Guiding Principles of Youth Sports

  1. Make It Fun!
  2. Limit Standing Around
  3. Everyone Plays
  4. Teach Every Position To Every Participant
  5. Emphasize The Fundamentals
  6. Incorporate A Progression Of Skill Development For Every Participant
  7. Yell Encouragement!  Whisper Constructive Criticism

The Sportsmanship "High Five" for Fans

  1. Help develop a community reputation for  good sportsmanship.
  2. Give encouragement to athletic teams and recognition of good plays by everyone.
  3. Be a role model by being positive in every manner possible. 
  4. Support those playing, coaching, and officiating. 
  5. Respect the judgment and strategy of the coach.