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Updated 90 minutes prior to first scheduled activity when necessary.

2019 Fall Registration Links

About WYCO Fall League

Fall league play at WYCO is designed to prepare players and teams for the next years spring/summer season. It's primary purpose is to provide an instructional environment for players, teams and coaches to prepare and work on the skills, fundamentals and rule changes that will come with the next age division.

The baseball age calendar changes to the 2020 breakdown on August 1st. Players and team's will be placed in divisions according to these requirements.


2019 Fall Baseball Program

Age Divisions:  T-Ball  ~  7/8  ~  9 ~ 10  ~  11/12  ~  13/14
   * A minimum of 4 teams per division  

Individual Registration Opens:  Now Open
Individual Registration Deadline:   August 16th, 2019

League Begins: Games will be played on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings and Sunday's with a projected start date of Sunday, September 8th and running into late October.

For registering an individual (available soon) please complete our on-line registration

Team Formation: Fully formed teams are accepted for our fall leagues. Individual players may register, WYCO will assign players to teams based on individual team needs. If enough individual registrations are received within an age division, new teams will be formed. COMPLETION OF REGISTRATION DOES NOT GURANTEE TEAM PLACEMENT FOR THE FALL SEASON.

Fall League Rules

All fall league games will be played under WYCO Baseball Rules with the following exceptions:

  • All time limits are dead stop times
    • No official scores or records are kept for fall league
  • 4 run/ half-inning limit

2019 Fall Team Fees (thru 8/31/19)

Sport Division Fee
Baseball T-Ball $500.00
Baseball 7/8yr $650.00
Baseball 9yr $700.00
Baseball 10yr $700.00
Baseball 11/12yr $750.00
Baseball 13/14yr $750.00
Softball 10 & Under $650.00

2019 Fall Individual League Fees

(There will be an additional transaction fee of 3.15%)

07/01/19 thru 08/15/19

Age Division Registration Fee
T-Ball $45.00
7yr $60.00
8yr $60.00
9yr $65.00
10yr $65.00
11yr $70.00
12yr $70.00
13yr $70.00
14yr $70.00

08/15/19 thru 08/31/19

Age Division Registration Fee
T-Ball $50.00
7yr $65.00
8yr $65.00
9yr $70.00
10yr $70.00
11yr $75.00
12yr $75.00
13yr $75.00
14yr $75.00

After 09/01/19

Age Division Registration Fee
T-Ball $55.00
7yr $70.00
8yr $70.00
9yr $75.00
10yr $75.00
11yr $80.00
12yr $80.00
13yr $80.00
14yr $80.00


  • Anticipated Schedule Release Date: 
  • Games will be played according to the appropriate age rules from the 2019 WYCO Rule book.
  • Practice Fields: WYCO Sports Complex fields available for practice for a rental fee of $ 10.00.
  • Game Balls: Game balls will be provided by WYCO.

Age Division Birth Month Breakdown

  • T-Ball - Birth month between May 2013 and April 2016
  • Machine Pitch - Birth month between May 2011 and April 2013
  • 9 Year Old - Birth month between May 2010 and April 2011
  • 10 Year Old - Birth month between May 2009 and April 2010
  • 11-12 Year Old - Birth month between May 2007 and April 2009
  • 13-14 Year Old - Birth month between May 2005 and April 2007