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2020 7/8yr Age Range

May 2011


April 2013

(based on players month/ year of birth)

2019 League Fees

Date Range Registration Fee
07/01/19 thru 08/15/19 $60.00
08/15/19 thru 08/31/19 $65.00
After 09/01/19 $70.00

What's Included With Your Fee?

  • 8 games

Game Information

League Games Begin: Sunday, September 8th, 2019

League Game Days: Sunday, Tuesday & Wednesday

League Game Times: Sunday (mid-morning thru early evening), Tuesday & Wednesday (6:30pm)

Game Scores/ League Records

  • NO official game scores or league records will be kept in the fall league.

Run Spreads

  • 10 runs after 4 innings (3.5 if home team is ahead)

Special Game Rules

  • Regulation Game - 6 innings
  • 75 minute game time limit (dead stop)
  • 6 run/ half-inning limit
  • NO lead-offs
  • NO stealing
  • The ball is dead and play will stop when, an infielder has possession of the ball and raises both hands, in fair territory, on the dirt infield surface or an arc marked on the playing field  at a radius of 50ft from the rear of the pitching rubber.
  • Overthrow rule 
    • An overthrow is a throw made on the infield that passes its intended target
    • There will be only 1 overthrow per play
    • In the event of an overthrow, a delayed dead ball will be called
      • Runners may advance only one base, at their own risk
      • The ball will be declared dead by the umpire when play has concluded
      • Runners may not advance on any additional overthrown balls during the delayed dead ball period.

Machine Pitch Rules

  • Pitching machine speed will be set between 32mph - 38mph
    • Team managers will agree on speed prior to game
  • Batter will receive up to 6 pitches to put the ball in play
    • IF the 6th pitch is struck foul, the batter will receive 1 additional pitch
  • IF, in the plate umpire's judgement, a pitch is unhittable the umpire may declare so and that pitch will not be counted against the batters' pitch total

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